ACB-4 Phased Array Systems

For 2 or 4 element vertical arrays



                              ACB-40                        ACB-20





COMTEK uses state of the art design and technology to offer every ham the most advanced antenna systems possible.

The Phased Array Systems are affordable, simple to install and easy to use. COMTEK makes mono-band phased array switches from 160-10 meters.

A phased array consists of two of more elements fed with a particular phase and power ratio to obtain a directional pattern. Each element of the antenna can be fed with different amounts of power and phase relationships to obtain this directional pattern, providing good gain and front-to-back and front-to-side ratios. COMTEK phased array switchboxes can be used with 2 or 4-element horizontal or vertical arrays. The 4-square vertical array provides the greatest directivity. 

4-Square Array

Even more gain and better front-to-back and front-to-side ratios are possible using a 4-element array. Four separate verticals are arranged in a square--a 4-square array--one vertical at each corner of a square. The square is one quarter wavelength on a side. Its pattern is directional across each diagonal of that square. In other words, it beams across opposite corners of the square. COMTEK's ACB-4 provides the correct power and phase division between these 4 vertical elements and a switch matrix which allows rotation of the relative powers and phases allowing 4 separate directions at the flick of a switch from your operating position. The exterior switchbox of the ACB-4 contains all the switching and phase and power controls using hybrid toroids. No coax cables are hanging at the switchbox. You switch 90 degrees at each of the 4 switch settings--providing a full 360 degrees of coverage.



  1. One amp (1A @ 12.6VCT) transformer for durable and reliable operation
  2. 200 PIV full wave bridge rectifier
  3. Primary and secondary voltages fused
  4. Heavy duty one amp diodes with Spraque RF bypass caps
  5. Custom US switch permits 360 degree rotation in either direction with no stops
  6. Current limiting resistor protection for each LED
  7. Chassis and cover custom manufactured to our specifications by TEN-TEC, Inc.
  8. LEXAN label for recording favored directions
  9. Compact size: 2"H x 6"W x 4 5/8" D
  1. Fifteen amp gold plated contact relays with dust covers
  2. Belden TEFLON silver stranded wire over 3M Fiberglass tape wound toroids
  3. Sprague 5% balanced temperature, frequency and voltage stable capacitors
  4. Laboratory analyzed for improved performance
  5. Double-sided printed circuit board
  7. Two KW conservative rating for Amateur Radio Service
  8. Harris MOV's for lightning surge protection with Spraque RF bypass caps
  9. Size: 4"H x 6"W x 8 1/2"D
  10. Brushed aluminum finish Z-Chassis and Cover with riveted seams