BFS-1 Beverage Feed System

Single direction





The BFS-1 is a single-wire Beverage Feed System. This W8JI design is immune to strong signal overload and core saturation common in multi-transmitter contesting environments, and is used by winning contest stations and low-band DXers. The unit uses an isolated-winding, matching transformer system to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio in Beverage and other high impedance antennas.

The BFS-1 will work with antenna impedances from 400-500 Ω. The termination resistor included with the BFS-1 is a 470 Ω, 2-Watt non-inductive resistor that withstands nearby lightning strikes significantly better than hard to find carbon composition resistors.

Feedline impedance on the BFS-1 is designed for 75 Ω, although it will work with 50 Ω coax. The BFS-1 uses an industry standard CATV F connector.