RBS-1P Reversible Beverage Antenna System






The RBS-1P allows two Beverage antennas receiving in opposing directions to share the same space. With the RBS-1P, build a 2-wire reversible Beverage antenna system with superior directivity and signal-to-noise ratio, most useful on the 160, 80 and 40m bands. The W8JI design consists of a Feedpoint Unit and a Reflection Transformer.

This system is immune to strong signal overload and core saturation common in multi-transmitter contesting environments, and is used by winning contest stations and low-band DXers.

The RBS-1P has two antenna ports. The standard configuration of the RBS-1P has one port terminated (termination included) so both antennas share a common feedline. Applying negative 10 to 18 Vdc to the feedline switches between the antennas, and the direction of reception. For simultaneous reception from opposing directions, each of the two feedlines can be run to separate receivers.

While the RBS-1P is optimized to use 450 Ω ladder line for the antenna element, the system will work with any 300-600 Ω two-wire line.